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  • Why give a Sh*t?

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    Why give a shit indeed? Because every year, more men die of cancer than women.

    Let’s get all factual about it.

    Men are 84% more likely than women to die of preventable cancers that are common to both sexes.

    That’s around 6,900 more Australian men than women – and many of these deaths are avoidable.

    Why are Australian women so much better off?

    It’s simple. They talk to their friends about their health and their lifestyle choices, and they pop off to the doctor if they’re worried. They take better care protecting their skin from the sun, smoke less, drink less, eat better and exercise more.

    You’d be hard pressed to find an Aussie bloke who talks freely about his health. But in this case, being the strong silent type isn’t charming and manly – it’s dangerous.

    Acting on early symptoms can save your life.

    Everyone likes you more when you're alive and kicking. So Aussie Blokes, now is the time to speak up about your health, and make sure your mates speak up about it too. It’s up to you to start the conversation.


    How to give a Sh*t!


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    Source: ABS report 3303.0_1 Causes of death